Top 5 Recruiter Lies!

There are many out there who may accuse recruitment consultants and recruiters in general of being a little misleading at times. I know in the years I have worked in recruitment that I have heard my fair share of white lies being told. These are the five most common I have heard. You may not have heard them verbatim though the sentiment may have been the same. You may have said some of them and at the time genuinely meant it. However, if you said it and did not do it then the other person may consider it a fib. Fair?

Lie #1: “Send me your CV and I will give you a ring when I have got it”

Now there are a number of things I would say about this. If you intend to use the “send me a CV” as a fob off, don’t. Why? Because it is not going to create a good reputation for you – even though the person may not be what you want you don’t know who they know. Want to reject them? Then reject them! Secondly, asking them to send a CV for you to use to ascertain their suitability is a double mistake. What if it doesn’t arrive?? Would you send your CV to someone who knows nothing about you? Or where you know little about the position? Plus, as a recruiter, will you really call back someone who is unsuitable to reject them or will they become one of those “stalker” candidates you created by not rejecting them??

Lie #2: “I conduct competency based interviews with all of my candidates face to face”

Do you really? No, seriously, do you really? There are a lot of consultants that I have met (4 more to add to the list from last week) who genuinely believe that they conduct competency based interviews with their candidates, that don’t. There are also those I know who do. The difference is what they consider to be a competency based interview. If you think you do then you should be able to answer these questions:

“What are the competencies, and their definitions, you are testing for?”

“Who designed the competency framework from which you score the answers?”

“How was the competency framework designed and who or what is the benchmark it is set against?”

“How can you accurately interview a candidate using CBI without a specific role to interview them against?”

Telling someone who has been fully trained and versed in CBI that you are could land you in a tricky situation….

Let’s not even go to the statement about all of them. Let’s also not go too deep into the classic “I have met this candidate recently” when that recruiter knows, hand on heart, that is out and out BS as they have never met them at all.

Lie #3: “I regularly network with key individuals in the market place to identify the top talent”

Again, do you really? What does that mean to you? A quick tweet each time you get a new job in? Update your Linkedin profile to tell us what you are recruiting for again? Or do you actually engage with your market place and network with individuals, irrespective of whether they may be job hunting or not or even those you might not label a “candidate” type? There are also those who I know claim to do this and then work solely from adverts and searches on job boards. Fibbers, perhaps?? Or are they just over zealous at the point of sale to their client customer?

Lie #4: “I will keep in regular contact with you during your job search, even if there is no news”

How many times have I heard interviews and telephone screening calls end like that? If I had a quid for each time I heard that….Yet how many candidates have heard it and never experienced the reality of it? I spoke to a number of jobseekers recently and this was their biggest issue – promises, promises, promises followed by nothing. Then a phone call, 3 months later, about another job and no real closure on the previous one!! Short sighted and damaging and, unfortunately, rife.

Lie #5: “I won’t put you forward to anything you’re unsuitable for or won’t be interested in” a.k.a “I’ve got the perfect job for you …”

You may be raising your eyebrow at this point thinking… “Who would really say that and do the opposite??” There are enough that do, that it has to be pointed out. I use MarketMeTweet and there are so many tweets out there from job seekers being sent to jobs for which they are unsuitable, for a whole host of reasons. Very few recruiters do it on purpose (you know who you are and so do I), yet if you don’t know your candidate and their drivers properly how do you know you’re not?? PLUS how many times have you heard someone begin a call to a candidate starting with “I know you said you wouldn’t travel to X BUT..” and then continue to try and sell them an opportunity in a location they won’t travel to? If you are going to do that manage the expectations at the beginning, rather than force the square peg into the round hole.

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