1 - Q: What distinguishes ASET from the rest of the companies specialized in the same field?
Answer: We cannot talk about the others, but we can affirm that what we are doing is the work of a professional organisation in all the services that we provide to our clients this is  what makes us excel transparency in professionalism and high quality.

2 –Q: Since when did  ASET begin its journey in the provision of administrative and employment services?
Answer: The vision started 15 years ago and it has come to reality since 2008.

3 - Q: How many clients deal with ASET in present?
Answer: ASET has a large base of discerning clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. number ranges nearly forty companies in the  global institution and it has been increasing with time .

4 - Q: I want to get a prestigious job suitable for my qualifications and experience, what is the way?
Answer: All you need is to contact us by e- mail ,phone number or mobile, and as described in

 "Share your CV " with sending your resume and we will examine the CV and contact you to schedule a personal interview, which determines beyond the right job for you.

5 - Q: How do i prepare my Professional cv?
Answer: Contact us and one of our team member or specialists will help you prepare it correctly and professionally.

6 - Q: How ASET finds the right cvs for the qualified staff ?
Answer: ASET has a database containing more than 66,000 thousand CV's updated and matched to the needs of our clients.

7 - Q: Does ASET have offices outside the Kingdom assisted in attracting employees?
Answer: ASET have external offices through joint cooperation and alliances and formal partnerships in more than 24 countries around the world (such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa).

8 - Q: Do ASET recruits staff from countaries outside Saudi Arabia?
Answer: we  have been employed more than 11,000 thousand employees from India, Pakistan and Philippines to all the functions of private companies, construction , operation and maintenance, restaurants, such as: ( workers, carpenters,  plumbers, electricians, steel fixers, Mason, foreman, head of site, engineer, project manager, technician Computer, painter, accountants, quantity survey, cooker, waiter, receptionist, and other functions you name the position and we recruit it.

9 - Q: How ASET can help in the evaluation of companies and institutions?
Answer: Experts in the field of restructuring and Change management visit the companies that decide to make a change in order for the betterment of the company.after taking some important information for developing the company's current size and type of activity and expectations of the company in terms of expansion or increase in business sales they come up to a conclusion and plan the further process.

10 - Q: What are the staffing levels that ASET succeeded in achieving?
Answer: All senior management positions: Like the President, Executive Vice President, head of sectors, general directors, consultants, managers of major projects, in addition to all the functions of middle management.

11 - Q: Does ASET have international experts to help in achieving any action required of any company or organization?
Answer: ASET has formal contracts with a number of experts in the field of training and development, strategic planning, coordinate with them and communicate with them in the event of work so requests.

12 - Q: is ASET flexible to visit any company or organization interested in dealing with it?
Answer: Yes, and certainly our firm desire to visit any client inside or outside the Kingdom.

13 - Q: How ASET sees the competion in the job market?
Answer: ASET is a major cause of fair competition to search for an idealism in the development work, which ultimately serve the clients.

14 - Q: Does ASET charge the candidates any fees for recruiting them?
Answer: ASET does not charge any fees from the candidates .

15 - Q: Does ASET participate in international or local conferences and seminars?
Answer: ASET already participated in more than 150 conference and exhibition areas in which we operate.

16 - Q: Is ASET willing to provide service groups of technical and administrative jobs such as customer service functions or IT, Human Resource ?
Answer : Yes ASET is providing all the required functions (Outsourcing) with staff management and follow-up and bear all the financial expenses of salaries and allowances , medical insurance and GOSI .

17 - Q: Is ASET employing female Candidates?

Answer: Yes ASET recruits both male and female who have the talent available and have experience in the business market.


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