Total Package Solutions (TPS)

During our five years journey ASET has studied the business market of the actual requirement of administrative services , where we discovered during our long experience in the Saudi Arabian and GCC business market that  many companies and institutions do not suffer only from the scarcity of job competencies and high turnover career continued in jobs , but that there is a problem in work environments , employee productivity , loyalty and continuity in the work.

Accordingly, based on our study to find out what are the services and solutions needed by the owners of companies and institutions to increase productivity and efficiency and access to staff with the capacity and efficiency of high study is based on the number of very important things which are as follows:

1 - Employment and finding job competencies are not the big problem or a major dilemma.

2 - There are major companies and institutions having a lot of work and projects but unfortunately they have no administrative organization in line with the size of their business.

3 - Omissions and lack of attention to final staff training and the development of managerial and technical skills.

4 - The payments system, which consists of Salaries, wages and allowances, where the study found that many of the companies operate according to the salary scale is not fully compatible with the requirements of the business market.

5 - the study noted concern of many companies and institutions on the implementation of plans and programs strategy and concern for achieving its main objectives through the busy work and services is not a major task in the organization, such as support services,employment and business work office, which is supposed to ask the bodies and specialized companies to provide these services and therefore devote company or organization to perform its core.

Accordingly, and based on our studies and questionnaires that are made with many companies and institutions working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC, it turns out that the following services are needed by companies, institutions and permanently to ensure the success of their business and development.

1. Employment according to scientific and practical mechanisms professionally.

2. Restructuring and organization of companies and institutions from the administrative, technical, financial, commercial and operational Topics.

3. Develop competencies and skills of the staff through the work of specific training programs and detailed according to the strengths and weaknesses of what actually needs the employee to perform his smooth and high productivity.


4. Cooperation with specialized companies in the field of administrative and support services (Outsourcing) such as staffing, consulting, administrative and support services.

5.Management consulting studies needed by companies and institutions permanently throughout the year with respect to feasibility studies , analysis of the business market and the development of investment opportunities to engage in local or global partnerships in expansion of the company's activity or reduced, opening new branches or closing branches.

Thus , ASET's offering according to scientific studies that we've made through the provision of five major products integrated and interconnected with each other ,to ensure that through achieving the objectives of the client ,the implementation of its strategic plans without obstacles or major problems preventing the achievement of the main goals of any company or institution:

1 - Professional employment .
2 - Restructuring.
3 - Oriented training.
4 - Consulting and Management Studies.
5 - Provide Administrative and support services (Outsourcing)


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