Training and skills enhancement:
we have in ASET certainty of the importance of training and development, skills enhancement, cannot be of any facility in the world to evolve or grow the size of its work unless the development of the skills of their employees, CEO has asked, What if trained staff and left work after that? He answered: What if they stay to work without training!

The dilemma major still even days, this is what they believes decision-makers in companies and institutions that training is the cost of the facility , and this is a misconception hundred percent in terms of training and development and skills enhancement is no doubt Investment successful and returns guaranteed on the company and its employees.

In ASET We do not have training courses ready in terms of what we believe is quite different from what is offered in today 's job market , training is considered the development of the performance and skills of staff and therefore depends primarily on the following points:

1. The employee 's strengths
2. Weaknesses of the employee
3. And his current and future job in the facility
4. Goals required of the employee to achieve
5. Deficiencies in the performance of the employee
6. Aspirations and expectations of the company's performance and the results of the employee

Based on the above are designed training courses that cover all the needs and information, tools and skills needed by the employee to strengthen its functional and thus reflected on the outcomes of the work.

ASET has joint cooperation agreements with a large number of the best coaches in the world who are hired by established activity and the quality of training courses and venue.

ASET covers the following training areas:

1. Human Resources
2. Financial Management
3. Strategic Planning
4. Change management and performance management
5. Marketing and Sales
6. Communication Skills

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