Opinion and the other opinion :

In the Arab world, we have a serious problem, which is what we see fit and what others see fit in other words, my opinion and the other opinion , most of us have a love of domination and believed that what i see is right a view good governance based on the experience and wisdom and knowledge of all things , but what he/she sees as the other party ratio has an opinion does not useless , through to be informed and intensive readings in the science of communication and dialogue with the other discovered something serious , namely : mental illness and I mean what I say mental illness among those opinionated and believe that others do not view them.

simplest for what I mean by the opinion and the other opinion to you the following example : Take a white sheet and type in the center of the page large font No. 6 and make it between you and the one who sitting in front of you , and ask him how much this figure , if answered that he believes that the number 9 and you see that the number is 6, here's the bitter truth ! That there are two different opinions, both true to the same subject and both parties.
The question here is: Is it possible to have a single theme and more specifically of the true opinion?
We must respect others' opinions in all the circumstances and the times and places and all the people, it has been proved that the opinions of others often benefit not hurt, although not stating it undoubtedly will not hurt.

Why ( I )?

Through my long experience in the field of human resources and employment , and through personal interviews that i have made , which exceeded more than 3,000 personal interview for all the different functional levels of the upper, middle and lower , I noticed the word of ( I am )

In one of the interviews that i have made with one of the candidates for the post of chief executive and through a full hour is for the personal interview mentioning the word (I ) more than 70 times , and did not stop him to  Speak for giving the opportunity to say whatever he has and give myself the opportunity to discover all of his ,when the end of the interview, I asked him : Do you know how many times you said the word ( I ) ? ( I did , and I worked and I provided , and I performed , and I am helped , and I was hired , I participated , and I and I and I ... );


Interestingly, the topic that he said to me: he does not like to talk about himself and he already does not mention that he said the word ( I ) .

Confirmed actually he did not mention how many times a word of (I) and make sure that (I) mentioned by more than 70 times were not from the outputs of speech , but is one of the outputs of the subconscious mind , which has been fed and programming individualism Pure and selfishness absolute during the time of the last of the old, and make sure that many of us say many things have counted against him does not serve the interests of the reason is : ( I'm selfish )


Not keen on evaluating the behavior of the candidate did not go beyond the border to criticize what he said but he asked me to set up the interview, which was with him, and I said to him : either to be frank with you and accept candor or be ok you and accept that was ok ? ! He confirmed to me that he wants to openness and will not upset him


 I told him my opinion, technical and vocational education and discovered during the interview, and if it get angry and assure me that he is not a human being selfish charismatic leadership genius and that I was prejudiced him ; ended the interview amicably not displeased one side than the other, but I did not forget the interview and a lot of other interviews through which we discover whether we need to pause with ourselves to revise storage unconcious history in our minds what we see in ourselves creations and successes , we credit ourselves permanently.

It is true that for many people the successes and achievements are many but the credit is not due to these people alone, then the word ( I ) cannot be mentioned or even to keep them in the subconscious mind , but thanks primarily to Almighty Allah and then to the ingredients for success in any work environment or a house or a community or friendship .

We can say we did , we participated , helped us , we have provided . . . Here, the success of all the Crown part of it even though we were the main reason for this success, that the word ( I ) undermine the achievement and emphasizes individual selfishness and absolute .

It is said that!

 It is said that seven people have some money and they wanted to do the work of a special project to them and be an investment well and brings them big money,


suggested one of them to buy a taxi ( a taxi passenger ) and agreed to the project and took the initiative to purchase the taxi as their shares equal in this project, has decided to take care of to work and that someone drives the taxi and they sit with him in the taxi ; taxi continued to walk , morning and night in the streets of the city in order to get passengers to pay them the freight ! But it does not passengers want to ride this taxi specifically, after a period of time and quite some time now discovered something serious is that this project is not profitable and that they have a problem do not know what it is,


suggested by one of them who was clever a solution to this problem, and said to them : I have a solution! They asked him, what is this solution that can save us from this problem? He answered: we have to change the driver!! ! (Seven people riding the same taxi) .


This is exactly what we suffer in the Arab world and Arab management specifically, we have a problem and problems, we have an obstacle and obstacles, we have a crisis and crises, and if the solution comes from a smart confirms that our solutions are only rooting for the problem and provide a solution onion, also said our friend Smartphone: (changed driver It will solve the problem).



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