Restructuring and organization of companies :

ASET looks forward through this service to the organization of institutions and companies with the latest sophisticated means and methods in the field of restructuring and regulation and which guarantee the stability and development of the institutions and companies with integrated solutions for optimal working environment characteristic.

Action steps are as follows:

1. evaluate the current status:

Before you start restructuring baptize facilities to complete the survey work procedures currently in place and then the contents are reviewed available evidence and examine their suitability for modern work procedures .

2. Restructuring :

Companies are restructuring and then re- consideration of the working procedures in order to comply with level that they are looking for and in order to form a tool to assist management to achieve more successes , so we will :
- Restructuring of the company optimally to arrange their positions by offering several alternatives to the overall organizational structure , where each alternative is studied and by the outcome of the study of the situation of the company and through the motions that will be handled in the meetings that will be held for that purpose .
- Conduct a survey and study the procedures available to them and indicate the possibility of development or refurbished.
- Supervising the application of administrative and financial systems of the stomach.

3. Preparation of internal business systems:

We will at this stage to identify the needs of the company of the basic pillars of the administrative and financial systems, and in particular the following systems:
1 - administrative system
2 - the financial system
3 - the operating system.


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