Comprehensive Employment:

Recruitment processes depend on a number of important measures which attract, sorting and selecting the right people at the client's requirements.

Where ASET depend on professional search system and advanced (PROTRAC) and through which the selection of candidates to work in accordance with the client's requirements by 90%.

We employee many qualified candidates with the major companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,GCC and in collaboration with our international partners who have more than 30 employment office all over the world work together as a team.

 ASET experts also benefits of the new technologies that are in innovations and technology relevant to all recruitment processes so dependent on the use of a powerful database covering all functional needs .

ASET " hiring managers " employment affairs specialists to executive positions upper and middle management and all other professional functions .

  Local recruitment process done in several phases, namely:

Phase I:

Study the requirements and needs of the client of the required functions and by providing the following data and information by the client:

1. Job Title
2. Job Category (senior management, middle management, management of lower)
3. Exact job description is provided for the job
4. Required Nationality
5. Occupation headquarters
6. Company Activities
7. Salary and functional privileges specified for the job
8. Advanced age required for the job

Phase II:
After fulfilling all the data and information required for the job we are therefore :

1. Search and polarization through resources and sources of ASET
2. Initial screening CVs of candidates
3. A telephone conversation with the candidate for the job after confirming its compliance with the terms of the desired function and by which date has been set for the interview
4. Compile information about the applicant and inquire him through companies that previously work to make sure that the information that has been providided is true
5. The work of the functional tests required for some of the functions (tests of Finance, technical tests, test personality traits and leadership)
6. Complete file and outfitted candidate to send to the clients

Phase III:
After the work was completed in the first and second stage we therefore:

1. Send the CV final fully selected to client
2. Follow-up with clients as soon as they receive CVs to find out their opinion and their decision about setting a date for a personal interview with candidates for employment
3. Constant follow-up with the client and the applicant in all the required dates of interviews and providing candidates with job offer
4. Constant follow-up with the clients and the employee after receipt of the work to ensure customer satisfaction with the new employee during his work and employee comfort in the work environment

International recruitment process are several stages , namely :

Phase I :
Study the requirements and needs of the client of the required functions and by providing the following data and information by the client :

1. Make sure the issuance of visas to recruit staff from outside the Kingdom to work for the client
2. Make sure the required number of jobs for each job
3. Accurate job descriptions for all jobs
4. Determine the salary and job privileges for all jobs
5. Schedule began working for all functions required

Phase II :
After the completion of all data and information required for the functions we thus:

1. direct coordination by clients visas issued by countries that wish to recruit them with outside Kingdom  offices and ASET partners
2. Send all data and information required for the functions of the required number of jobs and the nature of careers and salaries to the recruitment office outside the Kingdom
3. Constant follow-up with overseas offices to make sure processing staff to work interviews and preliminary interviews for them to make sure they are ok to the required functions
4. Coordination with clients about scheduling interviews and selection of numbers and staff who meet the conditions
5. Travel and scheduling follow-up procedures for flight and hotel reservations with overseas offices to start the interview process
Phase III :
After the work was completed in the first and second stage we therefore :

1. Coordination with clients to complete all of the required documents of employment contracts and authorizations for the Office of external recruitment agencies conduct electronic wakkala by each state and the requirements of the completion of the documents and the documents required to complete the recruitment process is fast and smooth way
2. ASET direct follow - up with overseas offices to ensure the speed and quality of the work and an end to all procedures related to obtaining all employees for work visas
3. Coordination with clients after they have been scheduling the arrival of staff who have been selected and obtained work visas and receive them at the airport and all processing support services for them

Important notes:

1 - ASET is the official partner in a number of foreign employment offices in the following countries :
• India
• Pakistan
• Philippines

2 - In most clients requests ASET sends foreign delegates from its tip (Account Manager) , which is directly responsible for the client's account to travel to those countries with clients to ensure the quality and speed of work in a professional manner

3 - ASET progress all the official and financial guarantees to all clients for the quality of work and hardly any variables or special working conditions such as : the rejection of labor to work or lack of familiarity with the work if the selection and employment of staff by ASET


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