Did you know?


  • Did you know that ASET engaged in the field of employment and the provision of human resources for the holy sites train project in 2010 , in which ASET has employed 700 Saudi employees during the pilgrimage season in 1431 our services included providing training and employment service, transportation and subsistence and provides uniforms for all staff members.

  • Did you know that ASET is the first specializing company in the field of employment to apply Professional Search System (PROTRAC: professional techniques resulting adequate candidates) , in which candidates are selected according to the clients requirements by 90%.

  • Did you know that ASET has its client base in Saudi Arabia , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates .

  • Did you know that ASET have external offices through joint cooperation, alliances and formal partnerships in more than 24 countries around the world (such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Sri lanka , Indonesia, Vietnam , Egypt , Lebanon , Jordan, Syria , Yemen, Sudan , Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia , Britain , the United States , Australia, Canada, South Africa ) .

  • Did you know that the most important function in any facility small, medium or large is: human resources management function of the first degree?

  • Did you know that the reason for the failure of many Arab and international companies is the failure of human resources management in the performance of their work

  • Did you know that the main cause of unemployment is the people themselves, not countries, governments and businesses

  • Did you know that there is a big difference between the leader and Manager

  • Did you know that studies have shown that global productivity and performance of female is better than male by 70%

  • Did you know that the employee if he continued to work at the same company for more than five years begins to lose a lot of skills and creations that he gained during his tenure

  • Did you know that the basic foundation and one of the most important success factors is CHANGE

  • Did you know that if you put a logical and realistic goal and If insisted to achieve it , you certainly can and if Allah wills it will be achieved

  • Did you know that positive thinking is reflected on your actions, your business, your behavior towards others, which make you lead to your Goals

  • Did you know that there is nothing called as luck or coincidence its all planned and designed by the almighty Allah

  • Did you know that failure is a logical start of the big successes

  • Do you know what are the five keys to success for any organization :
  1. Planning: who cares about anticipating the future and determine the best ways to accomplish the strategic objectives
  2. Regulation: which is defined as administrative function which combines human and material resources through the design of the basic structure of the functions and powers
  3. Employment : Who cares about the selection and recruitment, training and putting the right person in the right place at the organization
  4. Routing: a guide that motivate staff in the direction of the organization's goals
  5. Oversight: which is responsible for monitoring the performance of the organization and determine whether or not achieved its objectives


  • Did you know that the role of the marketing department (Marketing Manager ) begins its work when the client says : I do'nt want!


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